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Silvercloud coffee from Kaʻū,  Hawaiʻi is meticulously crafted in every step of the process so that the finest quality beans are selected, roasted, and packaged to provide the highest quality cup of coffee.

Owner Of Silvercloud Coffee From Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi


Your Farm and Farmer

Coffee is a part of who I am. It runs through my veins. I was born into a marginal farming family but always dreamt of a brighter future. The future was inspired by my father’s small coffee and cardamom estate in the Western Ghats of India, where every morning as a child I awoke to the aroma of coffee. Fate however, took me down the oil and gas trail to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America. Three decades later after retirement, I knew it was time to go back to my first passion. Coffee brings my heart home.

I travelled the globe looking for the perfect location for my coffee farm, and found paradise nestled on the slopes of Mona Loa, the world’s most active volcano. My dream became reality with the creation of Silver Cloud Coffee Farm, located in a small community called Wood Valley, in the Ka’u District of Big Island, Hawaii.


Introducing the bean

Since I have had years to think about kind of coffee I want to produce, I am very selective about what beans make it into your grind. A single origin brew, my beans come only come from one place - my sustainable, environmentally friendly farm. From the moment a sapling is planted to the moment water drips through the grounds, blends from Silver Cloud Coffee Farm are about the relationship with coffee

I guarantee that only the highest quality beans make it into my product. Because I am so discerning about my product, the limited quantities of beans I produce are even more special - I can ensure your cup of coffee reflects those perfect morning moments and becomes the host of warm memories.

Owner Of Silvercloud Coffee Beans From Kaʻū, Hawaiʻi
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